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USA & CANADA  1.800.931.9773

Short Term Rentals
(Excellent Rates with incoming calls free)

We offer 2 rental plans with great calling rates to the USA/Canada and locally. All plans include unlimited incoming calls.

Basic Plan
  Rental: $0.99/day  
  Includes Insurance  
($100 deductible)
How does the "One Favorite Number" work?
"One Favorite Number" gives you the opportunity to choose a USA based phone number that can be called for only $0.15min.
Can I get a USA based phone number?
Your cell phone comes defaultly with an Israeli cell phone number, however a USA based phone number can be added for a $5 setup fee and 15 cents/min. for all calls originating on that USA phone number. 
How much time after rental do I need to return the phones back to israelcellphone.com
Cell phones should be postmarked within 3 business days of your return home to avoid late fees.
When do you start charging rental fees?
Rental fees start on the day you arrive to Israel, and ends on the day you leave Israel.
What is considered mobile to mobile?
Mobile to Mobile means only between subscribers from our company.
What is the prepaid return label?
A UPS return label is included with all USA orders, when using the return label we will charge you a $10 fee.
What deposit do you charge on rental phones?
We charge a $150 deposit for the first phone and $75 for each additional phone. Your deposit will be refunded, once your phone is returned back to us, and your call details has been calculated .

Business Plan
  Rental: $1.99 a day  
  Includes Insurance  
($100 deductible)
Incoming Calls Free
“One Favorite Number” 0.15¢
Calling USA/Canada 0.23¢
Calling Locally to Landlines 0.23¢
Calling Mobile to Mobile FREE
Calling Other Israeli Cell Phones 0.23¢
Calling Other Countries (up to) $1.99
Text Messages Outgoing 0.20¢
Text Messages (Incoming) FREE
Data Usage (kb) 0.10¢
All rates are per minute, and exclude Israel VAT of 15.5%, “One Favorite Number” Lets you pick one designated phone number in the USA/ Canada for your entire trip. All charges are in US dollars.
Incoming Calls Free
Calling USA/Canada 0.15¢
Calling Locally to Landlines 0.15¢
Calling Mobile to Mobile 0.15¢
Calling Other Israeli Cell Phones 0.15¢
Calling Other Countries (up to) $1.99
Text Messages (Outgoing) 0.20¢
Text Messages (Incoming) FREE
Data Usage (kb) 10.9¢
All rates exclude Israel VAT of 15.5%. Data usage is only enabled upon request.
Rental Package Includes
• Late model cell phone
• Rapid Israel wall charger
• Free english voicemail
• Instruction manuals
• US plug adapter
• Fanny pack
These charges only apply to USA orders.  
UPS Standard Express
(1-5 business days) (2-3 days)
$12.00 $20.00
Addtl. phone $5  Addtl. phone $5  
Overnight Overnight
Standard 10:30am
$30.00 $35.00
Addtl. phone $5   Addtl. phone $5  
Prepaid Return Label
 For any number of phones
Add $5 per phone for Canada orders

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